Sunday, January 6, 2013

Things I've Learned From My Daughter

Over the seven years I have had so far with my daughter, I have learned so much from her. As I see the world through her eyes, I rediscover a sense of childlike wonder about life. As I find my heart filled with love for her, I understand a bit more about my Heavenly Father's love for me. I have often been challenged to grow in some area of my life.

From time to time, I have written posts that share something Rachel has said or done. Sometimes the posts have had to do with an event that involved Rachel, even though she didn't actually DO anything.  In any case, I learned in the process. 

Today, I am sharing links to several of my old posts. I hope you will enjoy them, be encouraged by them, and maybe even rediscover something about God as you see life through a child's eyes. 

  • When God Gives Us Peas - I learn something from a child's misunderstanding of the words in a song.
  • God is Always There Ahead of Us - God used a potentially frustrating incident when Rachel was an infant to show me how He is always watching out for us.
  • First Crush and Unfailing Love - God's love is (thankfully) so much deeper and lasting than a little girl's first crush. In this post, find a poem that expresses God's heart of love for you.
  • I'm Telling God Thank You - Rachel's simple way of telling God "Thank You" challenges me to do the same.
  • Tell Me My Story - Do I take as much delight in hearing again the story of my Father's love for me as my daughter takes in hearing "her story" of how God brought us together?
  • The Tip of the Iceberg - When we think we know so much about God, we might just miss the opportunity to explore the depths of Who He is.
  • Which Way is Up? - When we know the truth, it is easy to recognize when something is not quite right.
  • When Things Don't Go Our Way - When my plans get sidetracked, how will I respond?
 Happy reading! God bless you.

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