Friday, October 5, 2012

Which Way Is Up?

When Rachel was about nineteen months old, I watched her do something rather interesting.  She loved to look at the pictures in her board books.  One book in particular got a lot of attention for a while.  The title of the book is “I Can…”  Each page shows a cartoon-like baby doing some action.  A single corresponding word is printed on the page.   

A "Mind-Bending" Picture

Rachel flipped through the pages until she came to the page with the word “bend” on it.  The baby in this picture was bending over to touch his toes.  This placed his head so that his face looked back between his ankles.  This must have seemed a bit odd to little Rachel.  Heads aren’t supposed to be at the bottom of the page.  They are supposed to be at the top.  She turned the book upside down to see if that solved the problem.   

Unfortunately, that made the baby girl on the facing page stand on her head.  Rachel turned the book right-side up again so the baby girl looked right, but the "bend" picture was still strange. This was very puzzling. 

She flipped back through other pages and then returned to “I can bend”.  Once again, she flipped the book around to see if it looked any better this time.  It didn’t, of course.  For weeks, every time Rachel came to that page, she would flip the book around, trying to make things look right.  

Another book she loved was a “Veggie Tales” alphabet book.  She did a great deal of flipping with this one.  But then, what do you expect?  It is hard, after all, to know where the eyes should be on a tomato or a cucumber!  There really is no standard for that.

Do We Know Which Way Is Up?
It strikes me that as a toddler, Rachel unwittingly demonstrated an important principle.  When we know the truth, when we know how things are supposed to be, it is easy to recognize when something is not right.  

Rachel had an objective standard to go by with the “I Can…” book.  She knows heads usually are up, not down.  So when she sees a head down by someone’s feet, she knows something is not right.  

Do we know the same thing?  In our world, so many lines are blurred, distorted, even turned upside-down.  Ethics give way to pragmatics.  Morality gives way to “necessity”.    Truth gives way to “little white lies”.   

Do we know God’s Word well enough to be able to tell when something is not quite right?  It is important to have a standard to go by.  Otherwise, we are left with a “Veggie Tales”-type problem, only much more serious.  

Let’s be sure we orient our lives according to God’s standard.  Let’s be sure we know which way is up so we can recognize the “upside-down” when we see it.

Taken from my January 2007 newsletter.


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    1. Thanks Rosann. I'm off now to read other people's blogs...including yours.

  2. The perspective of a child is often the purest. I've learned a lot from my children about compassion and unconditional love. Concepts that, in my own well "learned" life, I have grown hardened and not as Christ-like. Sometimes they put me in my place. Nicely stated.

    1. I have learned so much from Rachel, too. The neat thing is that she doesn't even know she is teaching me. Coming to God like a little child really gets put into perspective when there is a little one in your own home to see in action all the time.


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