Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Dump - Part Three

My Son fought with Sickslug long ago.  The Prince defeated him. Because of that, anyone who becomes a part of my family can be free of Sickslug’s chains.  If you really want to be free, I will make you my son, and the Prince will break off those invisible chains.  He will give you the strength to refuse Sickslug’s garbage.  Is this what you want?”

Andrew’s eyes gave the answer.  He had only been in the hallway of the palace, but already he could see the difference between the garbage dump and the King’s home.  Oh yes, he certainly did want all that the King offered.

And so the King adopted Andrew into His family.  The Prince Himself took Andrew to a beautiful room that was to be his own and prepared a tub of hot water for a bath. 

As the Prince laid out clean clothes that were fit for the son of the King, he explained to Andrew that he no longer had to listen to anything Sickslug had to say.  “I give you the authority to tell Sickslug to leave you whenever he tries to draw you back to the garbage dump.  Your chains are gone now.  Sickslug has no more power to force you to do anything you don’t choose to do. However, you have spent many years developing a habit of searching through Sickslug’s garbage.  Even though the chain is no longer there, you will still be tempted to return to your old habits.  You must resist in the power I give you.  If you try to resist Sickslug in your own strength, you will fail. Depend on Me. I will give you victory.”

“I will remember,” Andrew said.  And he really meant it.  He enjoyed a meal with the King and the Prince.  The food was like nothing he had ever tasted before.  Certainly, nothing he found in the garbage ever compared to this. 

After the meal was finished, the king and the Prince led Andrew into the library, a cozy, pleasant room with a cheery fire in the fireplace. As Andrew relaxed there, he realized that for the first time in his life, he actually was satisfied.  There was no more empty longing in his heart.  Everything was wonderful.  When the evening came to an end, Andrew climbed the stairs to his own bedroom, and slept the night through in peace. 

The next morning,...

(To be continued ...)

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