Saturday, October 13, 2012

Live Free

Freedom is Precious
Freedom from things that hold us captive is a theme I hold near and dear to my heart. Perhaps this is because for many years, I lived the life of a captive. Oh, everything looked good on the outside. As far as people around me knew, everything was fine. I wore a carefully designed mask so no one could see the mess hidden behind it.

I was not bound by something obvious such as a drug addiction. I was held captive by self-hatred that I had allowed to take root in my heart. This self-hatred took hold of my thoughts until virtually all my creative capacity was taken up by dark, violent fantasies. Eventually, some of those fantasies started to show up in action and acts of self-abuse. I will not go into more detail than that. It is not needed, and I don't want to give glory to the Enemy.

I want you to understand something important. Although these patterns started when I was an adolescent, they continued and worsened for twenty-six years. For the final nine of those years, I was actually in a position of ministry. If anyone knows that someone in ministry can still have serious junk going on in their lives, I understand.

So You Think You Can't Tell Anyone
I have great compassion in my heart for anyone who is held captive. I am especially burdened for those in ministry who struggle in an area they think can't be shared with anyone else. Let me tell you, that thought is a lie. It is one of the primary tools our Enemy uses to hold us captive. I know how it works. I've been there. 

Praise God, I am not there now. I lived for so many years as a captive. I am so thankful that God lifted me up and is training me to be a conqueror.

That is the background for my very first ebook, From Captive to Conqueror. Inspiration for this book came when I ran across 2 Samuel 22 in my daily Bible reading shortly after God set me free from captivity. You can read that story in my post entitled "God Captures My Attention". I will not habitually use my posts to promote my writing, but I would like to share this particular ebook at this particular time. 

Would You Help Me Spread The Word?
From Captive to Conqueror  will be available for free on for a limited time between October 14-16. I hope that you will take advantage of this offer, share this post with your friends, and encourage them to pick up their free copy as well. You don't have to own a Kindle to read the book. All you need is a Kindle reading app that is available on many different platforms.

Why should you go to Amazon to get your free copy? 
  • Perhaps you are in the middle of a struggle that holds you captive and are looking for hope.
  • Perhaps you have been through such a battle in your past, and you would relate to how David saw God at work in 2 Samuel 22.
  • Perhaps you have a friend or loved one who might be touched by God's work as described in this book.
  • If for no other reason, pick up your copy because it is free. You never know when you or someone you love might need the hope they will find as they explore 2 Samuel 22.
Why should you help me spread the word? Simply because others who you know and I don't may need the hope for freedom that God offers. This little book is just my way of saying thank you to God for setting me free. It is my small way of sharing the hope I have. Let's work together to share that hope with others.
From Captive to Conqueror
Available for free for a limited time.
October 14-16

Click picture to go to Amazon

My ebook, entitled From Captive to Conqueror will be available on on those dates for free. You can find out more about the book now by clicking the title above to go to the Amazon page.

This devotional book explores the riches of 2 Samuel 22. In this passage, we see a person who is struggling mightily in some area of life, and is losing the battle. We see that person finally call out to God for help. We see how God responds to that cry for help, rescues, restores, and equips that former captive to be a conqueror.

God used 2 Samuel 22 in a powerful way in my life. I trust He will use it in your life, as well as in the lives of others you know.

If you happen to miss the free promotion window, From Captive to Conqueror will still be available on Amazon for only $0.99. 


  1. Julie, your book sounds wonderful. I'll go get my free copy when I'm done with this comment. As I'm working through my 31 Days to SuperMom posts and preparing to possibly move to a new home in the next few weeks I must be honest and say I won't be able to start reading your book until closer to late November or early December. Once I read it, I would be happy to share my thoughts about it in a blog post on my site. :-)

    1. Thanks so much for picking up my book. I am excited about how it is doing. I have been out all day on a ministry trip in Surabbaya, Java, Indonesia, and just got back. My book ranked at 4,200+ in the Free Kindle store when I left at 7:30 this morning. It is now ranking #786.

      I've been reading all your 31 Days to Supermom posts, but I'll not be able to for the the next week as the ministry trip is leaving tomorrow for an area that has no internet.

      Well Rosann, I really, really am thrilled that you are interested in sharing your thoughts on the book in a blog post sometime after your current series and your move is done. I wish you all the best with both.


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