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I started this blog in mid-July 2012 after I published From Captive to Conqueror, my first (but hopefully not my last) ebook on Amazon.  In my enthusiasm for publishing, I began to read about things authors do to let people know about their writing.  One of those things was to write a blog.  Doing so would not only help me extend my reach to more people, but it would also give me practice at doing what authors do....write...and write....and write some more!

So I am taking the plunge. In Julie's Musings I might share things that happen in my everyday life, life lessons I learn as I parent my little girl, devotional thoughts coming out of my time with God.  Sometimes, I might explore a passage of Scripture that especially stood out to me.  Once in a while, a short story might slip in there.  You never know.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and sharing in my musings.  If you do, please feel free to share this blog on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social network you have joined.

One other thing...bloggers LOVE comments!  They help build a relationship between the author and their readers.  Comments also help bloggers know that real people are visiting their site, and not just Google "spiders" that routinely check out sites for their search engines.

So please, If you visit, I encourage you to interact in some way.  Comment, Like, Share, or at least click a "Reaction" button under the post.  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. YOU are an amazing woman. I love you and am thrilled you are writing. I love the pictures of Rachel.
    ANNE A N-------------your adoption buddy.

    1. Love you too, Anne A N. I got this comment in an email, which ran your signature right into the message. I didn't figure out who you were until I went to the blog page itself and saw it on a separate line.

      I spent the month of November writing 50,000+ words that technically, for the NaNoWriMo contest should have been a novel. It isn't. Instead, it will probably end up being a series of 4 children's books about a little girl who is remarkably like Rachel. As she faces the life challenges of a first grader, her parents tell her (and her brother), some of the parables of Jesus. Would you be interested in taking a couple of the chapters (in rough draft form) on a test drive with your kids?


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