Monday, September 17, 2012

The Tip of the Iceberg

"Mommy, I can already speak French. I know 'Voila, Bonjour, Merci, and ... Oo-la-la!' "

Rachel made this rather extraordinary claim because a team of French women are visiting the children's home. One of the three is offering French lessons. They won't get very far, but at least, they'll be introduced to the language.

What was especially funny is that when Vicky, the teacher, said, "Bonjour" to her, Rachel had absolutely no idea what she had said. Rachel thought she knew a lot, but she really didn't. I guess the word pronounced by a genuine native speaker didn't sound at all like the American-produced Strawberry Shortcake version from which Rachel had picked it up.

Sometimes, we think we know a lot,  but we have really only explored the tip of the iceberg. Yet we are so satisfied in our expertise that we stop learning.

Is it possible that we can be like that when it comes to what we know about God? We think we know a lot. Perhaps we actually do know more than a lot of others around us.  If we become satisfied with what we know, we stop learning.

How much better it is if we realize that what we know about God, however much that may be, is merely a tiny fraction of Who He is. When we are well aware that our knowledge is limited, we hunger for more, and seek to broaden and deepen our understanding. We long to deepen our relationship with the One Who knows us completely.

When it come to knowing God, don't be satisfied with exploring the tip of the iceberg.

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