Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home from the Philippines

It is after 1:00 AM. I returned home about an hour ago from a whirlwind trip to the Philippines to pick up Rachel's home school curriculum. Why did I have to go to the Philippines to get that? Long story ... and too late to tell it now.

Anyway, I drove Harley Junior, my motorbike, to the airport on Thursday and parked him there for the two days I was gone. I came back with to suitcases full of stuff. The big one had all her school books. The smaller one had a donated laptop for the children's home and my own clothes.

It was a challenging one and a half hour drive home, but I made it safe and sound. One big matter for praise is that I didn't have to pay any customs tax on the books. I am very thankful for that. They had me open up the suitcase and they looked through it. I was able to convince them that I really was not planning to sell the books, and that they really were for my daughter's school.

One other praise. I got off the plane and hurried to the immigration line. For the first time in he 19 years  I have been in Indonesia, I was the first person in line.

I will not do a regular post tonight. It is too late now. I'll be back to finish the series about Lessons Learned on the Playground on Monday and Tuesday. The next few days after that, I will share posts about things I noticed or experienced while on this trip.

I'll catch you then. In the meantime ... good night from Bali. To everyone on the other side of the world ... have a great day

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