Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Technologically Challenged Today

Actually, I am not the one who is technologically challenged.  It is my technology that is challenging me.  There may or may  not  actually be a virus, but there definitely is a problem with the hard drive. My computer is showing all the signs of getting ready to die on me.  Believe me.  I know the signs.  I have seen a number of computer deaths during this past 19 years in Indonesia.  
Since it appears that this machine's time is on earth is nearly over, I have been desperately trying to backup all my files that have not yet gotten into the online backup system I use.  I'm still working on that. 

Consequently, I don't have a regular post today.  If my laptop is still alive tomorrow  night, I'll be back with a post entitled "We Know What HE Wants".  I hope you come back to see what that is all about.  If I haven't posted anything new ...well, you'll know my computer is no longer with me.

I'd also appreciate your prayers for the survival of this computer, or provision of a new one.  God knows what I need, and I know I can trust Him to provide for that need in His time.

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