Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sometimes, We All Do Stupid Things

I will forewarn you...there is nothing particularly spiritual in this post...unless, of course, something works itself in before the end.

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From time to time, we all have done or said things that are embarrassing, silly, or downright dumb. At least I certainly have.

Like when Rachel and I were getting ready to leave for school when we still lived in Bali. Our normal routine was for me to unlock the doors while Rachel fed the fish. One particular morning, in my hurry, I started to say, "Rachel, I'll feed the door and you open the fish." OK, that was a stupid thing to say.

Then there are the embarrassing things I have done. Like the time my motor scooter got away from me and dragged me to the ground. You can read about that story in my earlier post entitled "Scraped Elbows and Bruised Ego: Minor Motorcycle Mishap Makes Me Mortified".

Yesterday, I was at my parents' house eating a rather delicious taco soup. I happened to catch sight of an uncancelled check in the napkin holder (serviette holder, for my Australian friends). I recognized the design as being one of mine, so I pulled it out to see what it was for. I looked it over and started to laugh. This is what I saw.
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So, that's something stupid I wrote. No great harm done. No bank would have cashed that check anyway, but it did give us a good laugh. 

Does anyone else have one of those "I can't believe I just did that!" moments? Would you share it in a comment below, and we can all laugh together. After all...

A cheerful heart is good medicine... 
Proverbs 17:22a

See, something spiritual worked its way in after all.


  1. Oh, wow, now you're speaking my language. I make mistakes all the time (especially with my tongue). But you've read most of those I'll save you.

    Love the cancelled check. Sounds like my kids, "Dad, does this toy cost 90 thousand dollars?" "Yes...yes it does...that's why we aren't buying it" (A little white lie goes a long way).

    Sorry to be gone so long. Been incredibly busy.

    1. That little white lie is pretty funny.

      I had a few stupid mistakes just today. I am on a short vacation with my mom and daughter over spring break. We had a frantic search for the car keys before leaving my sister's house. I left my purse behind at my sister's house. Then Mom left HER purse at McDonalds. Finally, we checked in to a hotel. When we wanted to leave to pick up something for supper, we couldn't find the room key. After a thorough search of the room, I asked for another key from the office. We got in the car to leave. The first thing I saw was the the the console...right where I had put it. Arghhh!


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