Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Be Humble, Be Teachable

Four words. Just four words. So simple. Yet at difficult.

Those four words sum up an important lesson that God had to teach me several years ago when some friends who had the best of intentions challenged me on the wisdom of adopting my daughter as a single mother. No need to go into detail on those challenges, but needless to say, it was not an easy time. Part of me wanted to get defensive...and I probably did get defensive from time to time. Let's be honest here. But the message God continued to give me was:

Be humble. Be teachable.

I am so thankful that I listened to Him. It was indeed God's plan for me to proceed with the adoption. But those challenges I faced in those initial months actually helped me to more effectively balance the time spent mothering my daughter with the time spent on work and ministry. Without those challenges, I might have floundered. That, I think, comes from the "Be teachable" part of the lesson.

Because I learned the "Be humble" part of the lesson, my friends and I were able to weather that difficult period of time with relationships intact. For that, I am so very grateful.

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes God repeats the same lessons from time to time. Sometimes, that is because we didn't learn it the first time around. Sometimes, He simply wants us to learn to apply it in new ways in new situations. He wants us to expand our grasp of the lesson.

I'm going through a bit of that right now as I adjust to life back in the United States after twenty years in Indonesia. Over there, I had help to do quite a lot of the normal household tasks that I need to do myself here. I'm not doing horribly at those things, but I must admit that even six months after returning to the United States, I still haven't gotten on top of some of them, (Let's not go into detail about exactly what those things are.) 

A dear person who has my best interests at heart is helping me get on top of these things. If I am perfectly honest, part of me sometimes gets defensive, and sometimes I might wish this person wouldn't point out the things that have been left undone.

Yesterday, as I was struggling with this, the Holy Spirit spoke those four words into my heart.

Be humble. Be teachable.

OK Lord. We've been through this before. 

I have already seen the positive outcome of putting this lesson into practice.
It may not always be fun. 
I may not always like what I hear.
But it is good. 
It is for the best.
I will grow through the experience.
I will find peace.
Relationships will remain intact, 
growing even deeper and stronger.

Lord, help me to always...always...
 Be humble.
Be teachable.
Be Yours.


  1. Julie, thanks for this blog. Please be assured that "the dear person" will continue to
    pray for your adjustment for being responsible for so much. Also know that I will always love you and be proud of all you have accomplished andare accomplishing.

    1. Much love to you, too. I appreciate the prayers.

  2. Great lessons. God always comes back with the same lessons for me (and a few new ones as well). Sometimes I just want to yell back "look at all those other people with ISSUES! I'm not nearly as bad as on them!" But I know he does it because he loves me, and still has big things in the works for me.

    FWI: love the poetic layout at the end of the blog. I've tried doing fancy formatting with Blogger and it never works well...that must've taken some time.

    Lastly, many of us lifelong Americans have trouble keeping our house in order. I personally don't trust someone whose house is always crystal clean...where does their dirt show up?

  3. Well Chris, in that case, I guess you can trust me. As for the poetic formatting, I just used the "quotation" tool on the toolbar. I just click it one more time for each indent. Unfortunately, I sometimes get more space than I want between lines. Maybe that;s what you mean by it not working well.


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