Thursday, December 3, 2015

How About A Tour of Our New Home?

Well, we've been in our new home for over a month. Not everything is unpacked yet, but the majority is in place. I know some people have been asking about how the house looks inside. How about a tour?

Welcome in to our living room...complete with a Christmas tree.
We are very blessed to have found a piano that we could afford.
And here is the kitchen. A nice place for family time.

I love the roomy pantry.

In the bathroom.
My bedroom.

This dresser is older than I am. I am told my mother
assembled it while she was pregnant with me.

Rachel and a friend playing in her room.
In the guest room / office. The rocking chair came from Bali.
People who visited us in Bali might remember
this beautiful mahogany wardrobe,
now in its new home halfway around the world.

The hallway is big enough for a small bookcase.

Here is the laundry room at the end of the hall.

Yes, there is are some things to unpack.
Eight boxes are still full of books awaiting a bookcase
that will go in the living room.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Come see us sometime.

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