Friday, September 4, 2015

New House Going Up!

I can't believe it has been three full months since I last wrote in this blog. Well, it has been, but I'm not going to write much today, either.  Instead, I'll share a few photos of our house in progress.
Excavation began on July 29th.

The foundation was done by August 5th.

On August 8th and August 12th, friends from my church came together to help put the floor in.

On August 15th, University of Findlay students, just back from summer vacation, came and unloaded the wall sections from the semi-trailer where they had been stored since April.
On August 15th, we did a test wall-raising to be sure everything fit right.

A great crew of builders.
One of the pieces of artwork that will be hidden in the walls of the house.

The actual day...August 22nd. The walls go up for real.

Rachel loves the pink hard hats.

So many pull together to raise the walls.

Walls went up inside, too.

On August 24th, the roof went on.

More enthusiastic University of Findlay builders.

August 26th.

August 28th, peeking through the front window.

August 28th

Caulking all the places cold air could get in.

Lots of teams from the university took shifts. The women's lacrosse team left their mark on one of the walls.

This is written on the doorpost leading into Rachel's bedroom.

When I left today, the drywall was being delivered...

...and unloaded.
Tomorrow at this time, the drywall should all be up, and I am pretty sure the siding will be finished. Professional drywallers will do the inside work, and University of Findlay alumni will work outside. Something extra special about that is the fact that these alumni were the ones who had the dream seven years ago to start a Habitat for Humanity chapter at the University of Findlay. They worked for seven long years to make that dream a reality, and tomorrow, they will get to work on the house that is the fulfillment of their dream.

Things have moved so fast, and so much has been accomplished in just over a month. In just a month again, the house should be finished. God is amazing, and we are so grateful.

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