Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Building Walls and Breaking Ground

Progress is being made on our house. I thought I'd make this a photo post so you can see a bit of what is happening.

We won't see these messages once the house is built, but we'll know they are there.
A couple weeks ago, University of Findlay students joined the U of F chapter of Habitat for Humanity for a special event where they painted messages on some of the boards that are going to be a part of our house. Here are a few pictures.

Some students got rather artistic.If you look closely, you will see some Japanese writing.
Do you see "Oiler Build" on one of the boards?
That's because it is being built by the University of Findlay Oilers.

A character named Derrick is their mascot.

Last week, University of Findlay students joined the U of F chapter of Habitat for Humanity to begin constructing the frames for the walls.

Rachel and I got to drive a few nails ourselves.
Someone got a picture of Rachel at work,
but I haven't gotten that one yet.

The house is as far as it can go until mid-August. For now, the frames for the walls are all stored in a semi-truck awaiting the raising of the walls which is scheduled for August 22nd.

This past Saturday, the ceremonial groundbreaking was held on the University of Findlay campus. It was held there because it was in conjunction with another University of Findlay activity. Students went out to our property and brought back buckets and buckets of dirt from the site to put in a big orange box. (Oiler colors are orange and black.) Here we are "breaking ground".

Many thanks to the U of F Habitat family. You are all so very special.

I just love how much fun Rachel seems to be having.
Such a special day.

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