Thursday, June 26, 2014

Job Interview Complete...and Now I Wait

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By way of a quick update on the job interview I had this morning, I feel like things went quite well. As it turns out, I was interviewing for two positions at the same time - one in the high school, and one at a local middle school.

I feel good about how the interview went. Most of the questions they asked were ones I had anticipated, so I had what I hope was a reasonable, intelligent answer. Several of the secretarial duties they described involved activities similar to things I did as a field coordinator in Bali. The fact that I have had recent first aid and CPR training seemed to be a plus.

I know they are interviewing quite a few candidates for these two positions. The start date would be July 22nd, so I should know within the next few weeks if I am hired or not. Obviously, the sooner, the better.

I appreciate all of you who prayed for me to have a good interview. God answered your prayers. Now, let's keep praying for God's will to be done as to the outcome. Also, please pray for peace as I wait for news.

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