Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moving Means Missing - Glitch repaired

This is the last post I'll write looking back on our move from Bali. Starting with the next post, I'll share about looking forward. It seems fitting, though, before writing about our ventures into our new life, to take a moment to write about what we leave behind.

During our last weeks in Bali, Rachel and I experienced such an outpouring of love from both our Indonesian and expatriate friends. I can't possibly write about each one, so I think this post will be more about sharing pictures of our good-byes. We will miss these dear friends. No matter what else happens in our matter what other firends we make...we will always miss these and more.

Visits with Individual People and Families

Ed Trotter is one of my oldest friends in Bali...and one of the first good-byes.

After dinner with the Lewis family

Lelia Lewis is a dear friend and mentor. We will miss her.

Rachel and I with Daniel and Tati

With Rich and Pam two weeks before we left.

Ibu Yeyen runs one of the three restaurants in town. She has been a good friend for the last ten years.

Ibu Sara is the former director of the children's home. She played a huge part in my last ten years in Bali.

Ibu Nengah has been a part of our lives since before I brought Rachel home.

Saying good-bye to Ibu Komang (one of my best friends in Klungkung) and Anggi (Rachel's best friend).

After sharing an evening with good friends.

Rachel with some of her best young friends.

International Church Farewell

There are so many pictures I could share about this event. Here are just a few.

 Rachel and her friend Sunshine. 

 Farewell with Kids and Staff at the Children's Home 

After the last meeting with the Leadership Team

After breakfast the morning we left the children's home.


With Hastin and her son Noah. She and her husband Edy are currently directing the children's home. Somehow or other, I forgot to get a picture of Edy..

Wayan (on the left) and Heni (on the right) have become close friends. Wayan will continue with the sewing program at the children's home. 

Some of the kids from the children's home singing at the farewell service they had for Rachel and me.

A lot of kids to love. A lot of kids to miss.

Final Good-byes

 The contingent of kids from the children's home who saw me off from Klungkung. They couldn't go with us to the airport, but had a time of prayer for us before leaving us at Lelia's house.

We headed to the airport right after church. Here are a few friends waving a final good-bye.

Awe drove us to the airport. I have known Awe since he was twelve years old, and I had the privilege of discipling him in the first years since he became a believer. We will really miss him.

Please Pray
Rachel and I are now in Ohio. Rachel will start school on Monday. I continue to look for work. Please opray for us as we continue to adjust to our new life..


  1. Praying God bless you guys
    Keep us up to date with things

    1. I will. Thank you so much for your prayers, my friend.


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