Friday, June 28, 2013

Crazy Camp Schedule Coming Up

The next two weeks, I will be crazily busy. Some visitors are coming from another country. We will go with a group of teenagers from the children's home where I work in Bali, Indonesia, on a leadership/discipleship camp.

I thought I'd share a bit with you today what the week ahead will be like.



  • Friday, June 28 -  The visitors will arrive from Australia, and the five participants from the neighboring island will join us at the children’s home in Bali.


  • Saturday, June 29 - Shoe shopping with the kids to be sure they have suitable footwear for the mountain climbing they will be doing.


Dek Sri

  • Sunday-Saturday, June 30-July 6- In the mountains in northern Bali for six days of Bible learning, activities and fun. On Saturday, we pack up camp and head off for the base of Mount Agung where we will have an early night.


  • Sunday, July 7 - All but two of us climb Mount Agung starting at 2:00 AM. Breakfast on the top and a time of reflecting on the greatness of God. This will be a good time to practice the leadership and teamwork skills the kids have been learning during the camp. After coming down the mountain, we’ll eat lunch, and load up the cars to head for the Mount Batur area for their second climb the next day.


  • Monday, July 8 - Climb Mount Batur. Eat breakfast of eggs cooked on hot rocks at the summit. Devotions and activities back at the campsite.


  • Tuesdsay, July 9 - Devotions and activities at the campsite. Clean and pack up tents and move to a homestay and hot springs. Special meal that night.

  • Wednesday, July 10 - Head back to home to Klungkung. All twenty-one participants in the camp will sleep at my house that night. (Should be wild.) We will have a time of debriefing, and sharing what God has done in our lives during the camp.

  • Thursday - July 11 - The visitors say good-bye to the kids before heading off for a couple days of relaxation.


  • Friday-Sunday, July 12-14 - Rest days for the team, before departing Bali to their various destinations.

Cyci (Chee-chee)

Wow! Just looking at this line-up makes me tired. This should be a challenging two weeks, but I am looking forward to it.

Please pray for a few specific things.


  • That the rented cars will be able to hold all the kids and our stuff.
  • That it WON’T RAIN!!! Rainy season has lasted longer than normal. Please pray that it will be done before camp starts, especially as we will be pitching our tents for the first six days on a flat rooftop.
  • That the exchange rate will go back up. It has taken a nosedive over the last couple weeks which puts a strain on the budget.

Spiritual / Relational Impact
  • Pray that each participant will grow in their faith and accept the challenge to live out the truth they learn during the camp.
  • A couple of the young people are dealing with strained relationships. Pray that these relational difficulties are worked out and that true friendship develops. It has happened before on other camps.
  • Pray that the visiting team and I will work together well for the glory of God and the good of the campers.

Looking Ahead
For part of the time, I will not have internet access. As I will be the only translator available, I certainly won't have much time to write new posts. I hope you will excuse me if I dip back into my files and share a few "Things I Have Learned From My Daughter" stories that I have not shared before on this blog. 

Once camp is over, the next four weeks will be jam-packed with packing up our home as we prepare to move permanently back to the States on August 11th. During that time, I will likely post some reflections on what God has done in my life over the last twenty years in Bali, as well as musings about what He might have in store during this new stage of our lives. I hope you will walk with me through those times.

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