Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Grandpa Cramer passed away seventeen years ago, and this picture was taken several years before that. I'd guess this photo is about twenty years old, at least. These two are very much loved and missed.
In my last post, I shared a tribute for my grandmother. As I was not able to attend her funeral in person, I wrote the tribute to be read in her honor at the funeral.

I’m still feeling a bit nostalgic, so today, I’ll share a few funny sayings that people in our family associate with my Grandpa and Grandma Cramer.

I’m sure different family members will remember others. So especially to my family, I invite you to share your memories - funny, heartwarming, and otherwise special.

If you did not know my grandparents, but some of what you read here brings back a memory from someone special in your family, go ahead and share that as well.

So, here goes. I’ll get the ball rolling.

From Grandpa:           Look at that! Your arm is magic. Every time you bend your elbow, your mouth flies open! (This made eating meals with Grandpa very...interesting.)

From Grandma:          If your nose itches, that means you’re going to kiss a fool. (I don't think I've ever heard this one from anyone else.)

From Grandpa:           If you eat the hole in the donut, you’ll get a hole in your stomach. (This was in the days before Dunkin’ Munchkins. He was actually talking about the hole in the middle of the donut, which, of course, it’s impossible NOT to eat. You might be able to tell that Grandpa loved to tease his grandkids.)

From Grandma:          Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let any of the bedbugs bite. (Yes, I know this saying isn't unique to Grandma, but it was one of her traditions when she tucked us in at night when we came over to visit.)
From Grandpa:           Dolly Parton’s my girlfriend. (Don’t think badly of him. Everyone knew he adored Grandma.)

OK, that’s just a few. Does anyone have any more to add for a walk down memory lane?


  1. I'm 33, and even I understand his Dolly Parton thing...Guys, we're all the same.

  2. I'm not even going to comment. (smile)

  3. Grandpa loved tea and toast for breakfast...... I tried it once...nasty!!!... lol

    Grandma loved her Sanka instant coffee @ breakfast...... I tried it more than once...liked it!!!...lol

    1. Yep! I remember the tea and toast. I never could like that either. As for Sanka...well, coffee of any kind still isn't something I like. But I', glad she liked it.


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