Friday, March 8, 2013

Katie Grace Has Arrived!

Do you have young children, aged 5-9? Perhaps they would like to meet Katie Grace. I just published the first book in the Katie Grace series a few days ago. You can find "Katie Grace Makes a New Friend" as an ebook on for Kindle. You can also find it in pretty much all formats at 

I truly hope your children, and other children you know, will enjoy meeting Katie Grace. I also hope that they will grow and learn along with her.

So, what is the first book about? Read on.


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There is a new girl in Katie Grace's first grade class. Maddie, one of Katie Grace's friends, thinks this girl is "weird, definitely weird"...and so is anyone who tries to be friends with her. What makes things harder is that the new girl doesn't seem to want to be friends anyway.

What is a girl to do? Should Katie Grace go along with Maddie and avoid being called "weird" herself? Or should she try to make friends with the new girl no matter what Maddie says? And why does it take so long to see any change for the better?

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Katie Grace's mother uses some of the parables of Jesus told in a fun, conversational way, to help her daughter discover and make good choices.

Kids will enjoy the fun times Katie Grace has with her friends. They will relate to the struggles she has with peer pressure and with waiting for change to happen. Parents can use this book to help their children discover important lessons about being a good friend, and the need for patience as they wait for good changes to happen.

Sound good? You can purchase "Katie Grace Makes a New Friend" for only $0.99 by clicking one of the ebook cover images in this post. Or, you can click one of the links below.
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  • Purchase at Smashwords for all formats.
If you and your children enjoy Katie Grace, please be sure to tell others. I'd certainly appreciate it if you would drop by either or and leave a review.

Two other Katie Grace books will be coming in the near future.

Katie Grace and the Me Firsties - Katie Grace has a bad case of the "Me Firsties". She always wants to be first in everything, from getting to the car first to being first in line at school. She wants to have the most...the biggest. 

Unfortunately for Katie Grace, the "Me Firsties" get her in trouble with her friends. Katie Grace learns about being truly sorry, and being forgiven. But when her brother breaks something that is special to her, will Katie Grace choose to forgive as she has been forgiven?

Katie Grace's mother shares several of the parables of Jesus to help her understand about forgiveness and not always trying to be first.

Katie Grace and the Sticky Fingers - A lost pet and a lost paper for a school project give Katie Grace a large dose of worry. That worry, though, turns to rejoicing when the lost is found.

When Katie Grace finds herself with sticky fingers that take money from her mother's purse to buy treats for her friends, she loses something even more important. Will her parents be able to forgive her? Will God forgive her?

Katie Grace's parents share the three "Lost" parables to help her understand that God...and they...will always rejoice when the "lost" one is found.


  1. Just downloaded. Will tell you what my little one thinks. Congrats and good luck.


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