Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life That Brings Joy

 Dark night under starry skies.
Humble shepherds huddling ‘round 
     a fire’s warming blaze.
Quiet conversation
     Shared struggle …shared frustration
          Shared hope…shared hopelessness.
               Shared sorrow.

     Bright light illumines the night sky!
     Bright beams of joy blaze 
          'round about them!
     Heaven’s shining visitor brings the news.
          “Good news of great joy 
               for all people.”

The Life has come!
The long-awaited Life is born!
     Leave behind your sadness!
     Release your sorrow!
          Look to the Life!
          Look to the Joy!

“For unto you is born today the Savior!”
Go, now! Search for Him!
With all your heart, 
     seek for this Life 
          that brings joy!
Joy unspeakable and full of glory.
     Unquenchable joy. 
          Unstoppable joy.
                                                                       Undefeatable joy.
May our hearts be filled this joy.
     May we truly KNOW this Life.
          May we always live 
               in the light of His joy!

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